To attempt to silence a man is to pay him homage for it is an admission that his arguments are both impossible to answer and impossible to ignore
- J B R Yant
Dissent is the highest form of patriotism
- Thomas Jefferson

Which are the real

The answer to this question may surprise you.

The "American Peace"

Most people, including most Americans, tend to believe that the United States has largely been a peaceful country until recently but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. The United States has been engaged in military operations for most of the country's history.

Of all the things the United States can claim, it certainly has no claim to being a "peace loving" country. Indeed, it can be argued that it is the greatest single threat to world peace.

Here's a table containing every year, from 1776 to the present - all of US history. Just click on the year to see who US troops were killing, or threatening to kill, in that year.

In these times of deranged science and corrupt rule
... and of the never-ending race to invent new and deadlier WEAPONRY

... and of soldiers being dehumanised and turned into KILLER ROBOTS
... and of the ever-widening gap between RICH and POOR
... and of excessive INTERFERENCE with nature and DISDAIN for the health of our planet, all in the name of money
... and, talking about money, isn't it about time to put an end to avaricious, inhuman CORPORATISM and start putting PEOPLE first
... isn't it high time to say STOP?
Flags, Icons, and Propaganda
Ever since its inception in 1776, the U.S.A. has only very rarely been at peace with the world - or with itself - for very long. So is U.S. 'patriotism' a simple and acceptable expression of national identity or a dangerous weapon for propaganda and conflict?
Al Murphy Reports
Self-serving politicians, mad scientists, and crazy economists are gleefully wreaking havoc in the world. It all could have been avoided if we had just minded our own business. But, no, we have to poke into everybody's business. Read and weep for the future of humanity
Torture on Guantanamo
The prestigious Panorama programme exposes abduction, interrogation, and torture, and trial by military kangaroo courts at the notorious Guantanamo Bay
Countries of the World
Invaluable and comprehensive guide to information about the countries of the world, geographical, historical, and political data
Glossary of American
Many Americans don't realise that they might now be speaking Americanized German and not Americanized English had the Great Referendum gone the other way. And it was a close thing
Secret History of Money
Most of us don't realise we are all paying hidden taxes to a privately-owned company - the so-called 'Federal Reserve' - for the privilege of simply having cash in our own pockets
Erin Pizzey's Story
How Erin's project was hijacked by the feminists and she was victimised by them for being a caring person. In her own words ...
BBC Bias Exposed
It has come to light that the British Broadcasting Corporation has adopted a hateful pro-feminist, anti-men stance in its programming
NZ Equality Education Foundation
If you want to be equal to me, make sure you let me be equal to you! Series of New Zealand sites from Peter Zohrab
Lies, Damned Lies, and the Media
We are lied to, misinformed and manipulated. Don't shoot the messenger? Sometimes the messenger deserves to be shot!
'U.S.A.' to become 'Southern Canada'?
It is being proposed that the US Declaration of Independence be revoked and that the states of the union abolished and annexed to Canada
Hidden Places on the Planet
The world is honeycombed with underground secret cities and there are other areas, paid for by taxpayers but which governments do not want the public to know about
Sado-Narcissists at Large
What we have done is create a generation of self-obsessed, borderline psychotic females with pronounced sado-narcissistic traits?
Planet Earth the Prison Planet
Is the earth is being turned into a prison planet under the dangerous new world order, asks top commentator Alex Jones
Jury System under Threat
We do not realise that when politicians get voted into power their aim then becomes one of perpetuating THEIR power and consequently diminishing OURS
Planet Earth in Imminent Danger
The threat of 'global warming' is very real and it is happening right now yet many of us still do not fully appreciate its far-reaching effects
Come the Revolution!
Kathryn A. Graham has some constructive comment about guns and gun control. Why does the government want everyone to hand in their guns? Is there a sinister ulterior motive at play?
The Politics of Correctness
State-sponsored 'political correctness' has become like a cancer. If left untreated and uncured the very least it will do is pervert the mentality of our society

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful ... and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people ... and neither do we" - George W. Bush (August 5th, 2004). So who could have done with a better scriptwriter??